Peggy Meddings
August 2018

Hi Everyone:

The phone charger project went very well. Cutting the plastic bottles was much easier than I thought it would be. Prior to cutting the bottles, we measured our phones to make sure the cuts were accurate. It was a fun project.

On Friday, September 7, we will be working on projects using wine corks. I’m thinking we should buy stock in Gallo Wines since our neighbors have been saving so many corks for us. I plan on making a bulletin board but there are a number of other projects that we can make from corks. I have pictures of all kinds of projects. Come on down to the clubhouse and choose yours.

For the bulletin board you will need an inexpensive picture frame for the base (Wallmart has a nice size frame for a couple of dollars) and a glue gun.

Hope to see you there!

Peggy Meddings (951) 924-9195