The Prez Says

August 22, 2018

Homeowners and Residents of Mountain View

At least when I write you can hear me.  As a result of much coughing, I have pretty much lost my voice and holding the meeting last night was a challenge.  I also forgot my gavel so ended up using a measuring cup for the gavel.  So, there I was, no voice and a measuring cup to run the meeting.  We had a good meeting in spite of me.

The majority of our time was spent on an incredible presentation by Eunice Kang, lead committee member for the redecoration of the clubhouse.  Eunice, Sue Sloan and Gretchen Williams have spent many hours pulling together most of the aspects to redecorate our clubhouse.  There were fabric samples, artist renderings, a floor tile sample and pictures of a coffee bar, replacement ideas for the large wall unit in the main room and much more.  It is hard to thank people for their time, but we do thank all three of you very much.  Since there is so much to consider we tabled the decision on how to proceed until Monday, the 27th, so we can have time to digest all of it. 

We also tabled many subjects on the agenda until next month because we were running so late.  With that thought in mind, next month's meeting should be full of interesting information about your community.  One thing we tabled was redoing the landscaping inside the pool area at the south end of where the tables are situated.  This has been messy for a while and a new look had been selected for the area.  However, when the super-hot weather happened, they decided that the plants chosen wouldn't fare well in this kind of heat.  So, the landscape committee is going back to the drawing board for a better idea. 

For those of us who have the golf course out our back windows, it is a pleasure to see the green returning from the horrible blight that had happened out there.  The workers have been spending a lot of time planting, watering and mowing to bring it back to a healthy course.  Unfortunately, there always seems to be someone who doesn't respect the property of other people.  There has been a considerable amount of damage done to the greens on the mountain course.  (We are on the valley course.)  These sterling citizens have used various wheeled vehicles on the greens and even buried a dog on one of them.  The damage has been extensive enough that the Bridge representative said that opening the course by December will be a challenge.  Bridge is our neighbor and we want them to succeed in keeping the course nice.  With that thought in mind, we should help them whenever we can.  If anyone sees anything happening on the golf course that shouldn't be there, please call the police.  They have been unable to catch these scoundrels so maybe we can help.  The number you should call if you see something is 951-486-6700.

Stay cool!


Carolyn Daniels