The Prez Says

April 24, 2018

Homeowners and Residents of Mountain View

It was so good to see new and old residents (no pun intended) at the HOA meeting Wednesday night.  We had a good time. A lot of good information changed hands.   In case you don't know, there are two Homeowner Forums, one for homeowners to voice their opinion prior to the Board discussing and voting on agenda items, and one at the end of the meeting for homeowners to talk about anything else that might be of interest to the community.  If you feel like you want to be heard, come on down to the meeting and you will get an opportunity to have your few minutes of fame.  The Board is your representative, making decisions to help and better the community.  If you want your opinion considered when the vote is taken, this is how you do it.

This past week has been busy for many of us, and a sad time.  We have lost three members of the community in less than a two-week period.  Two of the families had memorial dinners a few days apart.  The Caring Committee, the set-up crew, and many others put on beautiful memories for the families.  There aren't enough words to thank the number of volunteers who made this all possible, and there aren't enough words to express our sympathy to the families.  We are a close-knit community and it really shows when things like this happen.  It was my pleasure to be part of all of this.

On to some good news.  We have tried every way possible to communicate to you about the FOB system upgrade.  I will try not to be too redundant about things as I explain what has happened.  Our system was out dated and could not be supported by any technology, so it had to be replaced.  Try as everyone did, it was hoped to be seamless to everyone.  However, there was a fairly large chance that we would run into problems.  Needless to say, the problems were there, and we had to reprogram the FOBs to make them work.  This seemed like a problem that some felt could have been handled more smoothly.  One option was to reissue new FOBs to everyone.  If we had done that, it could have cost the community over $3500.00.  We decided that reprogramming was the lesser of the evils.  I know it was a hassle to some, but it was a fiscal decision that was made for our benefit.  There are still some folks who haven't taken care of their FOBs, roughly half of the community.  You can call Eunice Kang, or Amy at First Service, either one can help you with the reprogramming.  A big thank you to Eunice, Darlena Stevens, and Darryl Householder for all of the time and effort they have committed to this project.  It was above and beyond the call of duty!

A quick reminder, some of the walk-in gates are not latching well.  They are being worked on, but in the meantime, please make sure they are latched before you walk away.

A big caution!  A mountain lion was spotted in the vacant lot across Cactus.  Be careful when you are walking around, it wouldn't hurt to carry a big stick!


Carolyn Daniels