The Prez Says

February 28, 2018

Homeowners and Residents of Mountain View

Before I get on my soapbox, here’s a little reminder.  It is time for the directory to be updated and published.  A neighbor will be knocking on your door to verify your information for the directory.  Be kind to them as they are volunteers and doing a great service to the community. We update the directory about every other year. 

Last night was great.  What a turnout for Council Member Ulises Cabrera.  Without a doubt he could see we are an interested niche in the zone he represents.  We are small but we are mighty!  I think he could see that.  Our residents asked meaningful questions and clearly let him know we weren't happy with the way our city is being run.  He did provide information on some areas of concern, like the golf course, but not a whole lot more than we have already heard.  Bridge, the current owner of the defunct golf course, is still negotiating with the city to get the zoning changed so they can build the apartments.  One thing I found interesting was the city's position on why they haven't approved the change.  He said they are afraid if they approve the apartments, Bridge will build and stop there, never completing the golf course.  The city wants them to bring the golf course back. Then they will approve the apartments.  That is the first time I have heard that said, but all of my information has come from Bridge and they have just said the city won't approve the zoning change.  Interesting how the information changes when the presenter changes.  He verified that Bridge is now working on the golf course.  Maybe there is hope.

The condition of our roads was brought up.  He clearly indicated they have a funding problem but they are trying to have more money released for improvements.  Personally, I am not going to hold my breath for that one. 

He also said since he was elected there haven't been any more warehouses approved.  The warehouses currently being built were approved before his election. 

There appears to be an interesting homeless-to-work project with the Salvation Army and Waste Management, and sometimes the city, providing employment and drug and alcohol counseling.  This program makes a lot of sense if it really works.

Mr. Cabrera is also going into the schools, talking to the children and asking what they need.  It appears they want someone to talk to.  What a small thing to ask.  He also challenged us to be part of the program by going to the schools and listening to them.  You can contact Council Member Ulises Cabrera at 951-413-3008 or  He encouraged calls and emails to ask questions, make comments and/or volunteer for programs.

After all of that we had our regular meeting.  One of the things we had discussed earlier in executive session was dog walking.  Some residents are upset, and rightfully so, about dogs being allowed to soil, if you will, their grass.  It is one thing to carry a little bag for droppings, yet another thing to allow your dogs to urinate (didn't want to use that word) on their lawns. Maybe you could walk your dogs in the street?  I am not sure where the answer is for this problem, but making sure your pet is not a nuisance to your neighbors is your responsibility. Think about it.

So much to say and not enough room to say it.  The good news is that the SPA will soon be ready for use, sometime around the middle of March.  Watch for an email announcing the opening.


Carolyn Daniels