The Prez Says

July 22, 2020
Hi everyone!

I trust this newsletter will find you in good health and staying busy.

Many of you participated in the Social Club’s first ever Independence Day
“Grab-N-Go”. The outside event was well organized, fun, and by all indications, quite successful. The Social Club is dedicated to helping our community stay connected, especially in these challenging times. Thank you to Gretchen Williams and her crew for a great meal and fun time. We look forward to the next “distancing” non-get-together. Keep coming up with those great ideas Social Club!

The HOA Board would like to thank the community for their patience during this pandemic. We are adhering to the Covid-19 recommendations by the state of California and as such, changes often occur day-by-day. Because the pool and pickleball courts are outside they remain open. However, all gyms are still closed.

For those who travel out of state, following your return, please maintain your distance and wear a mask when social distancing is not possible. Anyone who has a temperature and/or is feeling ill in any way, please stay home. If you use the common area facilities and then test positive for Covid-19, the Board may need to close the facilities until all areas can be cleaned by a state approved sanitizing team.

In case you have not noticed (and really, who would!) the pool vents have been replaced. They are those huge, silver things on the roof of the equipment room. Quite an improvement over the old, rusty units that were removed. Because of corrosion in the pool room much of the equipment has rusted out. This will be an ongoing project until everything corroded has been replaced.

The red curbs in the clubhouse parking lot need repainting. Since our streets are scheduled for slurry seal next year, the Board has decided to repaint the curbs at that time.

So many of our neighbors are out walking now! It is great fun talking to those we have not seen in months. It is worrisome however, when cars are speeding past them. We need to remind our visitors that the speed limit is 25 mph and not to take the corners on two wheels.

I do not have to remind anyone that it has been hot. Unfortunately, this means that our lawns, plants, and trees need more water. Check your sprinklers and repair those that need it. Remove weeds and trim back overgrowth. Homeowners who fail to comply will receive letters and may be fined. Let’s keep our community looking great – turn on that water!

Until next month, take care and stay safe.

Pat Roy